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Unlocking Creative Solutions – Exclusive Interview With Ansa Lange

Ansa offers a compassionate and non-judgmental space where she helps her clients unpack whatever it is that they need to sort out. What truly sets her apart is her unwavering commitment to finding creative and personalised solutions, using cutting-edge research, and providing exceptional support on each client’s journey. She aims to redefine industry standards by integrating mind, body, and spirit to empower her clients with a holistic way to excel in life by tapping into a growth mindset.

👧 👶 👦 Ouers wat hul kinders oorbeskerm en álles vir hulle doen, doen hulle ’n groot onregaan, omdat hulle nooit leer dat hulle dinge self kan doen nie.Ansa Lange, stigter van Future Fit Parenting wat ouerskapwerkswinkels aanbied, sê ’n kind krysó die boodskap dat jy nie vertroue in sy vermoë het nie of dat […]