I’m Ansa Lange, a Certified Life Coach, Parenting Specialist, and Trauma Counselor. With over 20 years of experience, I specialise in supporting families, individuals, and couples to thrive with proven solutions. Through customised coaching and counseling, I utilise various techniques to help clients overcome challenges more effectively and achieve deeper healing.

As a dedicated parent of two young adults, I understand firsthand the immense responsibility and importance of parenting. I believe that building a meaningful life is our personal responsibility, and with the right tools and skills, it is attainable. Let me help you in discovering the tools to create a calmer home and a more fulfilling life.

Helping you stress less & achieve calmness in your home and in your life.

Let me help you find the tools to create more calm in your home and life.

During the past 2 decades of coaching all kinds of individuals, struggling with many different things, I developed systems to help my clients get to where they want to be.

Some of the crucial first steps in your self development journey and healing process are:
• Identify your 5 core values
• Redefine Your Identity
• Find Your True North

Unlock the potential of your mind and experience the transformative impact of embracing a creative mindset and cultivating positive mind shifts. Find joy in problem-solving and create a fulfilling life where growth and learning never cease.

Remember, some things may be beyond our control, but with the right skill, support and attitude, we can navigate life’s challenges and discover newfound opportunities for personal growth and happiness.

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

It’s possible to create more meaning and live your best life!

Do you need help to put a stop to the chaos and create more calmness?

With 2 decades of experience as an interactive therapeutic practitioner, I’ve been helping families bring more calmness into their home life, helping parents stress less with their children, and helping individuals live more blissfully.

I offer a customised coaching and counseling experience that is tailored to your unique circumstances.

Worth a few minutes of your time?

Let’s chat about what you’re going through right now and find out if my solutions and proven strategies can help you shift from Chaos to Calm in your home, in your life, your relationships and your health.

How I Can Help You

Whether it’s individual life success strategies you need, parenting solutions for your family, or Burnout. I’ll support you with simple and effective parenting tools and strategies for your unique situation.

I offer a customised coaching experience where we partner to achieve your goals.

With you every step of the way, I’ll help you implement the action plans we create together in ways that feel right





Worth a few minutes of your time?

Let’s chat about what you’re going through right now and find out if I can help you shift from Chaos to Calm in your home, in your life, your relationships and your health.

Book your FREE ’Chaos to Calm Focus Call’.

By the end of it, you’ll have more clarity about your next steps and you will receive some resources to help you along.

Hear about the experience

Thank you Ansa, the session today was quite unplanned but absolutely needed. I feel as if a ton of weight has been lifted.
Ansa is professional, but also caring and supportive.

I often hear the words that my children are good mannered, always cheerful, and wonderfully balanced. It is then that I respond that my parent couch Ansa was like a divine messenger and coach to me during times of tough parenting. Indeed, as a single mother who was constantly doubting myself and motherhood approaches, I could wish for not a better advisor who would help me make sense of the path that will one day lead to successful raised children. An increase in confidence and no longer fear of how to correctly handle those difficult moments, is some of the tools I was taught. Ansa is gifted in understanding the problems facing parents every step of the parent path. I left every interaction with her, feeling empowered and energized, knowing that I can apply the positive parenting approach with confidence. I understand children and every day challenges better as I have the know-how to dissolve a meltdown or problems in my parenthood path.
All of this, in addition to her kindness and unconditional love for her purpose, makes recommending Ansa to others such a joy. I am so thankful!

Thank you Ansa. My session with you was very helpful and opened my eyes regarding my issues. Thank you again for the insight, advice and help.

I’m a 45 year old, full day working, soon to be single mom of 2 toddlers,
A life coach, approachable, capable, understanding, trustworthy, down to earth, real person is what I needed in my life, to keep me from loosing it!!!
And this is exactly what I found with Ansa, and more.
The couple of seasons we’ve had have helped and guided me in being and finding the ME again I’ve lost, and with that, my whole live is falling back into perfect rythm, even though I’ve made life changing decisions.
I would recommend going even if you think “I’ve got this”

When you are at your wits’ end, you call Ansa Lange! Having gone through countless doctors’ appointments, medical tests, natural remedies, well meaning advice from friends, (the list goes on…) I can recommend @MindshiftwithAnsa. She gives mind saving advice; where your own reaction will most likely be “really?!”, “finally someone with answers!”, “I am so relieved!”. Try Ansa. You will thank her.

Ansa really change my view in many ways. Things that I already knew she open it for me and I understand it much better. I believe we need more people like her to change our world. To understand each other better and to support one another more. We all live in our own comfort zone. Thank you Ansa you really make a difference in my live. 🙏

Dankie Ansa vir baie waardevolle inligting wat ek ontvang het met die DISSIPLINE werkswinkel. Ek is ‘n “ou” mamma wat reeds 2 getroude kinders het, en nou weer voor begin het. Tans ‘n 3 jarige 😀
Wens ek het hierdie “tools” gehad toe my kinders klein was. Máár nou het ek dit, en gaan dit gebruik….
Third time lucky 😉 Sê hulle.
Waardeer jou kennis wat jy met ons deel.
Groete Antoinette


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