Love alone is not enough

Skills will make the difference.

The earlier children are taught self-discipline, independence, and responsibility, the more effectively they can navigate life’s challenges and achieve their goals. As Jim Rohn wisely said, ‘Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment,’ and instilling these qualities from a young age sets them on a path towards success and fulfilment.”

My mom believed that the definition of her being a successful parent was to teach us how to fly on our own and have confidence in our abilities from an early age. She wanted us to be independent, capable of building our own meaningful lives without relying on her or others constantly.

By instilling these qualities, she aimed to empower us to soar independently and create fulfilling lives for ourselves.”

Parenting is the most important job you’ll ever have and it comes with an enormous weight of responsibility. Positive parenting not only fosters healthy relationships and emotional well-being in children, but it also empowers you as parent to navigate the challenges of parenthood with confidence and joy.

By wisely choosing support on this journey and acquiring the right skills for your unique situation, I can help you create a nurturing environment where your children thrive and your own growth as parent is nurtured.

I guide you towards a meaningful parenting experience that makes a lasting impact on you and your child.

Why not celebrate the transformative power of positive parenting support?

I believe that the way we raise our children shapes their future and impacts their success and happiness.

Welcome to my Chaos to Calm Blog.

Read on to find simple solutions and practical tools to help you along your parenting journey.

You’ll also find proven success strategies to reduce the stress in your life and add more joy.


Stay calm Bennie or Betty BEE

Equip yourself as a parent with this cute tool of Bennie/Betty BEE Calm.
Download your free resource and discover a practical technique to nurture emotional intelligence in your child, foster self-regulation and self-soothing abilities to empower them to remain calm and respond thoughtfully to triggers.

Teach your child to lay the table

Teach independence, self-confidence and the essential life skill of setting the table with this free A3 place mat. The interactive design allows your child to personalise it and engage by colouring in the images before laminating it. Download this enjoyable and achievable task for children of all ages.

What is UNDERlying-why do kids tell lies?

Gain valuable insights into the complex behavior of children lying and effectively manage this distressing issue with your free resource. Download this now to understand the many reasons behind lying, learn practical strategies to address it, and foster a foundation of honesty and trust in your child’s development.

CSA (Child Sexual Abuse) webinar

Dr Kotzé shares crucial knowledge and guidance on protecting your child from child sexual abuse in this free webinar. Understand the impact of child sexual abuse and learn how to empower your child to stay safe. Make age-appropriate ways to discuss these often challenging topics about healthy sexual development, easier for you as parent.

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