I believe in the power of mindset and mind shifts.

With a creative mindset, we unlock the ability to tackle challenges head-on, paving the way for effective problem-solving. Embracing mind shifts and adjusting our attitudes are vital in cultivating happiness and leading a meaningful life.

There are certain things beyond our control, and that’s when a mind shift becomes essential to accept what cannot be changed. Adopting a growth mindset allows us to remain open to continuous learning and improvement, transforming “I cannot do that” into “I cannot do that yet,” leaving room for endless possibilities.

Whether you think you can or you think you can‘t, you’re right. – Henry Ford

Transformation with lasting results.

A favourite process I use for lasting transformation, helps the brain process and integrate both negative and positive information on different levels, like thinking, emotions, and senses (somatic), I make use of techniques such as Multi-Level Neuro-Processing™ (MLNP) and Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Top-Down techniques typically involve working with the conscious mind to influence and modify underlying thoughts and feelings and talk therapy is an example.

Bottom-Up techniques like MNLP and EFT targets physiological and sensory experiences to address psychological issues. These approaches focus on the body’s reactions and sensory processes, influencing emotions, thoughts, and behaviours by working from the bottom (the sensory level) to the top (the cognitive level).

Bottom-Up techniques are safe and powerful and can be applied to various areas, including trauma, anger and rage issues, anxiety and panic, chronic pain, creativity enhancement, emotional trauma, phobias, performance improvement in sports, and more.

Bottom-Up techniques support your journey towards healing and growth.

Your transformation happens on a deep level when different approaches are used to suit your individual needs.
Integration of the brain and body, the left and right cerebral hemispheres, and the primitive and evolved regions of the brain is the solution to calming the chaos.

The techniques I use are safe and powerful and can be used for

• trauma from accidents,
• childhood trauma,
• relationship trauma,
• anger and rage problems,
• anxiety and panic,
• asthma,
• chronic pain conditions,
• enhancing creativity,
• emotional trauma,
• impulse control issues,
• injury recovery,
• pain and stress management, perceptual problems,
• phobias,
• forgiveness
• physical and emotional trauma, enhancing sports performance, stuttering,
• preparing for and recovering from surgery,
• enhancing performance, etc.

I also teach you to use some of these techniques at home for lasting results.

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30 day Creative Journal

Unlock the power of creative and contemplative journaling and experience the proven positive effects on your well-being. Download your free journal today and embark on a transformative journey of self-reflection, increased mindfulness, and enhanced personal growth.

Stop being bullied

Empower yourself and your children with the knowledge and strategies to understand bullies and put an end to their harmful behavior. Download your free e-book today to gain valuable insights into the motivations behind bullying, your role in it, and effective techniques for stopping bullying in its tracks.

How to say NO

Discover the freedom it brings with the power of setting boundaries and saying “no” with confidence. Download your free resource today and learn effective strategies to assert yourself, protect your well-being, and navigate challenging situations with grace and empowerment.

6 Steps to more meaning

Why are some people happier than others? In his book, “Man’s search for meaning”, the great philosopher and Auschwitz survivor, Friedrich Nietzsche, wrote,“He who has a WHY to live for can bear almost any HOW.” Download your free resource to find the simple answer to this big question and understand the 6 steps.

Burnout vs Stress

Learn a little more about Burnout and whether you need an integrative medicine approach to address your symptoms.
Make sure you watch the video where Dr. Bodenstein explains more about the complex symptoms of Burnout and how to manage it.

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