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Ignite your Soul

Download your FREE copy Ignite your Soul, and discover the five steps to live your life joyfully, and get it all done.



30 day Creative Journal

Unlock the power of creative and contemplative journaling and experience the proven positive effects on your well-being. Download your free journal today and embark on a transformative journey of self-reflection, increased mindfulness, and enhanced personal growth.


Stop being bullied

Empower yourself and your children with the knowledge and strategies to understand bullies and put an end to their harmful behavior. Download your free e-book today to gain valuable insights into the motivations behind bullying, your role in it, and effective techniques for stopping bullying in its tracks.


How to say NO

Discover the freedom it brings with the power of setting boundaries and saying “no” with confidence. Download your free resource today and learn effective strategies to assert yourself, protect your well-being, and navigate challenging situations with grace and empowerment.


6 Steps to more meaning

Why are some people happier than others? In his book, “Man’s search for meaning”, the great philosopher and Auschwitz survivor, Friedrich Nietzsche, wrote,“He who has a WHY to live for can bear almost any HOW.” Download your free resource to find the simple answer to this big question and understand the 6 steps.


Burnout vs Stress

Learn a little more about Burnout and whether you need an integrative medicine approach to address your symptoms.
Make sure you watch the video where Dr. Bodenstein explains more about the complex symptoms of Burnout and how to manage it.


Stay calm Bennie or Betty BEE

Equip yourself as a parent with this cute tool of Bennie/Betty BEE Calm.
Download your free resource and discover a practical technique to nurture emotional intelligence in your child, foster self-regulation and self-soothing abilities to empower them to remain calm and respond thoughtfully to triggers.


Teach your child to lay the table

Teach independence, self-confidence and the essential life skill of setting the table with this free A3 place mat. The interactive design allows your child to personalise it and engage by colouring in the images before laminating it. Download this enjoyable and achievable task for children of all ages.


What is UNDERlying-why do kids tell lies?

Gain valuable insights into the complex behavior of children lying and effectively manage this distressing issue with your free resource. Download this now to understand the many reasons behind lying, learn practical strategies to address it, and foster a foundation of honesty and trust in your child’s development.


CSA (Child Sexual Abuse) webinar

Dr Kotzé shares crucial knowledge and guidance on protecting your child from child sexual abuse in this free webinar. Understand the impact of child sexual abuse and learn how to empower your child to stay safe. Make age-appropriate ways to discuss these often challenging topics about healthy sexual development, easier for you as parent.

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